A More Holistic Approach to Retirement Planning

Recently I took some time to look at my earliest blog posts here at myLifeSite. I almost couldn’t believe it when I noticed that our first post was written over eight years ago! I still remember sitting in a Jason’s Deli in Raleigh, N.C., and thinking I would give this blog thing a try. In [...]

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A Primer on CCRC Residency Contracts

Here at myLifeSite, we are able to gather lots of great insights and comments from the thousands of people who follow our blog posts and who are actively engaged in the process of researching continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs or “life plan communities”). This helps us develop content that we hope speaks directly to the [...]

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4 Key Factors of the CCRC Decision Process

Making a decision about senior living is among the biggest choices you will make in your life…It’s way up there on the list anyway! Perhaps you have already decided that you want the long-term security of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC, also called a life plan community), but there are so many things to [...]

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Could a Rise in Popularity of CCRCs Impact Future Housing Market?

Well-known Yale economics professor and housing market analyst Robert Shiller published a fascinating article that appeared in the New York Times over the weekend titled, “Today’s Dream House May Not Be Tomorrow’s”. In the article Shiller highlights the idea that economic and demographic changes could have a dramatic impact on the future value of a home because they will dictate shifts towards new designs and types of communities, including continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs.




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