How We Get Our Data

Recognizing the need for more and better information on continuing care retirement communities (CCRC, or "life plan communities"), My LifeSite seeks to be the go-to source for the most comprehensive and unbiased information.

Where we get our information

The vast majority of the information in our community profiles comes directly from the provider's disclosure statements, sample residency contracts, and other documents that are generally made available to prospective residents. We collect hundreds upon hundreds of these documents each year from the appropriate state-level regulatory entity and pore through them to provide some of the most important details for you.

Which states we cover (and why)

We currently cover ten states: CA, TX, IN, IL, FL, NC, VA, MD, NJ, and CT. A key reason for choosing these particular states is the ability to obtain (from the state) the documents we need in order to develop a full community profile.

Why we do not cover all states (currently)

Some states do not regulate CCRCs and; therefore, do not collect the information we need. In other cases, the state may regulate CCRCs but make it difficult for us to obtain the documents. Our goal is eventually include every CCRC in the country.

Can't find the specific community you are interested in?

There could be one of three reasons for not being able to find a specific community in our database:

  1. You may know the community by a different name than what is used in our database or in the provider’s official documents submitted to the state.
  2. The community you are searching for is not regulated by, or defined as, a continuing care retirement community by the state in which it is located. In this case, the state does not collect information on the community; thus, it is not available to us.
  3. The community is located in a state that we have chosen not to include in our database as this time.

Do you represent a retirement community featured in our database?

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