Recognizing the need for more and better information on continuing care retirement communities (CCRC, or “life plan communities”), myLifeSite seeks to be the go-to source for the most comprehensive and unbiased information. We do not charge CCRCs to be listed on myLifeSite and we do not collect any referral fees.

Where we get our information

The vast majority of the information in our community profiles comes directly from the providers’ disclosure statements, sample residency contracts, and other documents. Rather than going directly to each CCRC for information, we typically collect these documents from the appropriate state-level regulatory entity.

Which states we cover (and why)

We currently cover twelve states: AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IN, MD, NC, NJ, PA, TX, and VA. A key reason for choosing these particular states is the ability to efficiently and effectively obtain (from the state) the documents we need in order to develop a full community profile.

NOTE: You may find additional states available in our search tool that are not listed above, but with very limited coverage of CCRCs. This is most likely because the CCRC(s) listed in that state have approached us directly and requested to be included in our database. They have provided all of the documentation we require to list them. We encourage CCRCs to provide their information to us.

Why we do not cover all states

Some states do not regulate CCRCs and; therefore, do not collect the information we need. In other cases, the state may have the documents we need but make it difficult for us to obtain them efficiently. Our goal is to eventually cover all states with CCRCs.

Can’t find the community you are looking for?

If you are having trouble finding a specific community profile it could be due to one of three reasons:

  1. We do not currently cover that particular state in our database. (See explanation above.)
  2. The community is listed under a different name in our database. Sometimes the official documents we receive list a different name for the entity than the name used for marketing purposes. In this case try searching by location to see if you can identify it.
  3. The community you are searching for is not classified as a continuing care retirement community by the state in which it is located. In this case, the information we require would not be available to us from the state.

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