6 Key Considerations for Your CCRC Decision Process

Financially, emotionally, and from a practical perspective, choosing a continuing care retirement community (CCRC or “life plan” community) is a big decision. Here at myLifeSite, we strive to provide information and create resources that can help seniors make a more informed decision about whether this particular senior living option is right for them, and if [...]

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2019 myLifeSite Consumer Survey Report Now Available!

What are older adults looking for in a continuing care retirement community? This is the overarching question we seek to answer in our annual myLifeSite consumer survey. In the fall, we sent out a brief anonymous online survey to our list of over 8,000 consumer contacts, and we received responses from 430 people who [...]

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What to Ask About a CCRC’s Emergency Preparedness

I have to confess: I was a little surprised by the responses I received from  last week’s blog post on CCRCs’ elevators. In it, I discuss how less expensive (and thus slower) elevators may be selected by a commercial developer as a cost-savings measure, but it is a building’s residents who pay the price for [...]

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What an Elevator Says About a CCRC

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that’s the stuff life is made of.” —Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1746 We’ve all been there: You push the up or down button on the elevator, and then you wait. And wait. And wait. You heard the pulleys and gears grinding, and then finally: [...]

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Financial Advisors: Be Careful with Opinions on Senior Living

In a former life, prior to founding myLifeSite, I was a financial advisor (FA) for nearly 14 years. Some of the older adults I advised were interested in the benefits of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC, or life plan community)—especially the on-site access to a continuum of care services—but there were a variety of [...]

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“Being here feels right”: A Firsthand Account of Moving to a CCRC

In last week’s blog post, I discussed my belief that all retirees should at least consider the possibility of moving to a retirement community. No, it won’t be the right senior living choice for everyone, but I would encourage everyone to at least look at this option with an open mind; while weighing out the [...]

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Why Every Retiree Should Consider a Retirement Community

There are certain adages I distinctly recall my mother saying when I was a child. Among her repertoire of time-tested axioms: “Don't judge a book by its cover,” “Things are not always what they seem,” plus, of course, “You won't know until you try.” (And yes, in a karmic twist, I now say these exact [...]

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Transportation Innovations Offer Seniors Safer Travel Options

In the past 100 years, the automobile and the independence it affords have literally changed the world. That’s why for many seniors, losing the ability to safely drive is so devastating. It can lead to depression and isolation, both of which are proven to be detrimental to seniors’ health. However, thanks to several innovative transportation [...]

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Want to Move to a CCRC…But Adult Kids Aren’t on Board

As you may know, I travel across the country frequently, speaking to senior adults who are considering a move to a CCRC (continuing care retirement community, aka life plan community). In the course of my travels, I am fortunate to be able to meet a fascinating array of people, many of whom have insightful stories [...]

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Consumer Survey Results: What’s Important to CCRC Prospects?

At myLifeSite, our primary objective is to provide consumers with the tools and information they need in order to make an educated decision about their senior living options. But in order to do that effectively, we have to understand who our customers are—what factors are most important to them when considering senior living communities, such [...]

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