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Continuing care retirement communities, often referred to as CCRCs or “life plan communities,” are a popular, but often complex, retirement living choice. The type of residency contract(s) offered, and the corresponding pricing model can vary dramatically from one provider to the next. The complexity of the contract(s) tends to make it more difficult for consumers to research and compare options. We aim to break down the complexity and provide you with the important information you need.

Yes, our plan is to include other types of retirement communities in the not-too-distant future. Featuring other types of retirement communities on MyLifeSite will mean that some of the data points we provide will need to be different too. We will have an effective way of comparing your options even when those options fall in different categories.

No, we don’t feel this is in your best interest and we do not want a business model that is dependent on you moving into a retirement community. Afterall, our goal is to provide information to help you make the best decision. Some of our website visitors may ultimately decide not to move into a retirement community, and that’s fine too. Rather than paying referral fees, the retirement communities featured on our site pay a reasonable annual fee ensure that you have free access to information that helps support your decision process.

Recognizing the need for more and better information on CCRCs, MyLifeSite seeks to be the go-to source for comprehensive and unbiased information on continuing care retirement communities. The data shown in our community profile reports is provided to us directly from the retirement community, who can update their information anytime. This ensures more accurate and up-to-date information.

We review all information submitted to us by the retirement communities on our website before making them live on our website. This does not mean we can guarantee the accuracy of every detail provided, but if we ever discover that a community has misrepresented itself on our website we’ll address the issue immediately for correction or even removal from our website.

Retirement communities operate under different pricing models. Some may cost comparatively more today, while living independently, but cost comparatively less in the future, if care is needed, and vice-versa. Some may be all-inclusive, while others may offer services a-la-carte. For these reasons a pricing filter could be misleading.

You are in complete control of the retirement communities that you choose to contact through our website, but we will never take your information and blast it out to various retirement communities or organizations. If you submit your information to a retirement community via a contact form on our site, your information will be protected and will only go to that particular retirement community.

If you’re searching for a retirement community on myLifeSite and it doesn’t currently have a full profile available, we hope you will contact a representative of the community and encourage them to join the site. They can contact us here.  The more communities we have represented on myLifeSite, the better it will be for you and for the industry. A win-win.

We believe the retirement communities on our site value accuracy and transparency in the information provided and also recognize that anything short of this will ultimately be harmful to their organization. Although myLifeSite cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information, we do review the information thoroughly before we make it active on our site and will follow up with the community if there is anything in question. If we learn that a retirement community intentionally mis-represents their information on myLifeSite we will ask for immediate correction or will remove their profile from the site.

In addition, to our community search pages, we also offer article, guides, and videos to help support you in your decision making process. For the senior living industry, we offer packaged content resources that can be used one-on-one and to support a digital content strategy, as well as financial affordability and scenario comparison tools to use with prospective residents to help paint a clearer understanding about the potentil financial impacts of the decision.