In 2011, Brad Breeding was a financial advisor in Raleigh, North Carolina. He realized that many people felt confused and overwhelmed by the various senior living options and the nuances between them, particularly as it relates to continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs, or “life plan” communities).

Brad also realized that there was a lack of unbiased and in-depth information to help consumers and their advisors effectively navigate the decision process. It was this realization that inspired the concept that would become MyLifeSite.

Today, myLifeSite provides community-specific profile reports, combined with educational content, to help consumers and those who advise them make better informed decisions about senior living. We also equip life plan communities (continuing care retirement communities, CCRCs) and other senior living providers with tools and resources to help them reach and serve more prospective residents.

What Differentiates myLifeSite

1. A Dual Commitment

We believe the best retirement communities deliver wellness, social, lifestyle, and healthcare benefits that can be life changing for many senior adults. We also believe senior living consumers should be empowered with the necessary information and tools to make the most informed decisions about their future. Therefore, myLifeSite seeks to enhance both the consumer’s decision-making process and the senior living industry as a whole through our various online tools and resources.

2. Supporting Informed Decisions

myLifeSite was founded on the recognition that many prospective residents of retirement communities don’t feel as though they have a knowledgeable and/or unbiased source for guidance on the complexities of the senior living decision process. myLifeSite seeks to be the most sought-after online resource for general senior living education, community specific details, and financial/affordability analysis to support informed planning for the future.

3. Added Focus on Independent Living

When it comes to searching for senior living communities online, many websites tend to focus more heavily on assisted living and nursing care providers. But for retirees who are still independent and active, proactively planning a move to an independent living community or a continuing care retirement community (CCRC or ‘life plan community’) can be more challenging. Due to the myriad details and nuances comparing these communities can be confusing and overwhelming. myLifeSite helps to fill this gap by providing more of the information you need.

“Our research of CCRCs always left us with more questions than answers until we discovered myLifeSite.”

John & Barb, Stewartstown, PA

Tripp Higgins
Tripp HigginsPresident
Tripp Higgins is a seasoned expert in guiding senior adults and retirees through the intricate process of senior living decision-making. With a wealth of experience spanning various industries, Tripp brings a comprehensive and empathetic approach to addressing the multifaceted considerations surrounding healthcare, finance, housing, and lifestyle choices. In his role as President of myLifeSite, Tripp is at the forefront of developing online financial tools and content resources that empower prospective senior living community residents to make well-informed and confident decisions. Learn more about Tripp.
Brad Breeding
Brad BreedingCo-Founder / Managing Partner
Brad embarked on his career journey as a personal financial advisor, dedicating twelve years to honing his skills and achieving the esteemed certified financial planner™ designation. During this period, he recognized a critical need among older adults and their families: a lack of unbiased guidance for navigating complex and financially impactful senior living decisions. This revelation led to the creation of, an innovative online platform providing families with web-based tools and thoughtfully curated content designed to facilitate well-informed choices—especially concerning CCRC/life plan retirement communities and other senior living options. Learn more about Brad.
Liz Book
Liz BookDirector of Product Support
Liz has been a part of myLifeSite from it’s very first day. Prior to her current role as the Director of Product Support, where she oversees project management and support, Liz was in charge of data collection for community profile reports. She has personally reviewed thousands of CCRC disclosures statements during her time at myLifeSite. Additional work experience professional experience includes time in the publishing and manufacturing sectors, as well as the toughest and most important project all… managing a household and young kids.
Bobby Martin
Bobby MartinInvestor / Business Advisor
Bobby is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vertical IQ, a company that provides industry intelligence to business bankers and other professional services providers. A successful entrepreneur and angel investor, he is the author of The Hockey Stick Principles — a book based on a research project to figure out how good ideas become successful firms. He speaks frequently about entrepreneurship at universities such as Georgetown MBA program; University of Colorado at Boulder; Appalachian State; UNC- Chapel Hill; Council for Entrepreneurial Development; and at corporate events. 
Ken Taylor
Ken TaylorCo-Founder / Business Advisor
A CPA with a background in corporate finance, he is directly responsible for financial management and data collection. Prior to becoming a co-founder of MyLifeSite he spent 25 years growing small and medium-size service companies in the restaurant and travel agency industries, working in the areas of acquisitions integration, project management, system integration, and financial accounting and reporting.
Trent Pierce
Trent PierceInvestor/Business Advisor
Trent has over 30 years of experience in the health insurance business and is the owner and President of Carolina Benefits and Planning, a boutique insurance firm specializing in healthcare coverage and other benefits for businesses and individuals. In addition to his insurance business, he is an experienced entrepreneur who owns multiple small businesses involved in vehicle maintenance and real estate.