American Institute of CPAs – Personal Financial Planning (PFP)

June 2021

A podcast for financial and retirement planning.

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A COVID Storm Hits Senior Living

March 2021

“The pandemic has created significant challenges for all types of senior living communities. Because of that, it’s more important than ever to review a facility’s financial stability and quality of life before making a move.”

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How Advisors Help Aging Clients With Hard Long-Term Care Decisions

March 2019

“An advisor’s role is to be a catalyst to a family,” Breeding said. “Adult children may struggle to bring it up with their parents or be in denial themselves. If you can prompt these discussions, you can bridge the gap” across generations and enable everyone to come together.

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CCRCs Raise Financial Questions for Retirees

December 2018

“To get a sense of how much your costs might rise, ask the facility to show you the past five years’ worth of fee increases, says Brad Breeding, president and co-founder of myLifeSite, which helps consumers compare CCRC fees and amenities.”

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Boomers Create a Surge in Luxury Care Communities

December 4, 2018

“Such details have people seeking assistance, and Brad Breeding has gained a following with, a blog that reports on the industry and dispenses advice.”

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Do your homework before moving into a retirement community

July 8, 2018

“Retirees hoping to spend their golden years in an idyllic retirement community should slow down before signing over their savings.”

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Larry Hungerford: Retiring: Stay put or move?

May 6, 2018“Aging in place may not be less expensive considering that more than 50 percent of people over 65 and perhaps as many as 70 percent will ‘eventually need significant help with their day-to-day tasks and overall care.’ (Reasons Why Aging in Place May Not Be Cheaper,, 8/15/16.)”

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How to Talk About Moving to a Retirement Home: ‘It’s a Journey’

April 27, 2018“It’s best to start the retirement-home conversation with broad, open-ended questions, said Brad Breeding, founder of, a website that helps consumers research retirement communities. ‘What does peace of mind mean to you in this stage of your life?’ he suggested. ‘What kinds of concerns do you have for your future?’”

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7 Ways to Judge a Retirement Community’s Financial Health

March 9, 2018“…He needn’t tell that to Dr. Ehrhardt, who has lately been comparing facilities’ financials on On a scale of 1 to 10, she puts her concern about all this at an 8.”

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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: How to check the financial health of a continuing care retirement community

January 20, 2018“Some for-profits also will do what they can to keep residents in place, said Brad Breeding, founder of, a website with information on hundreds of community care retirement communities in 11 states.”

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How to Shop for a Continuing Care Retirement Community

January 2018 — “You may, for instance, pay a larger entrance fee for the promise of getting 90% of it returned once the unit is occupied again or after a certain time, such as two years, says Brad Breeding, founder of, a website with information on hundreds of CCRCs in 11 states.”

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How family dynamics play a role into making senior living decisions

November 19, 2017 — “Family dynamics play a very big role in the senior living decision,” said Brad Breeding, president of myLifeSite, a consulting service helping people chose continuing care retirement communities. “First, even if the parents decide completely autonomously from the children’s input…”

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Why Senior Housing Prices Are Impossible to Find

September 19, 2017 — “If you’ve looked online to help find your parents an assisted living or independent living facility, a nursing home or a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), odds are you’ve seen attractive photos and detailed descriptions of the places. What you probably didn’t see: how much it costs to live there.”

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Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community Right for You?

December 22, 2016“Nearly 90% of people 65 and older surveyed by AARP said they would like to “age in place.” And yet the hard truth is that a beloved house in a familiar community can become both physically impractical and socially isolating over time.”

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CCRC Reports Show Impact of Local Market Pressures

August 24, 2016“A state-by-state report series on continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) may only be two states in, but it’s already revealing the different impacts local market pressures are having on the industry as a whole.”

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Understand Senior Housing Options

August 1, 2016“Assisted-living facilities” Financial considerations: “Most would argue that the biggest drawback is cost,” Breeding said. According to John Hancock’s Cost of Care Calculator, he said, the national average for a year’s stay in assisted living is almost $45,000.”

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Where to Move When the Knees Give Out

July 15, 2016“There is an advantage to the tiered life-plan-center approach. “If you make the right choice, you never have to move again,” says Breeding. And that means something. “The older you are, the more difficult it is to move,” he says, “psychologically, physically, sometimes financially.”

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How CCRCs Could Get a Better Read on the Competition

March 3, 2016“Chicago-based specialty investment bank Ziegler and My LifeSite, an online provider of consumer-focused resources related to CCRCs, this week released the first report in a state-by-state series analyzing a state’s entry-fee CCRCs. The report is intended to serve as a benchmarking report for CCRCs, as well as to help consumers and organizations compare tax statuses, certifications, financial ratios, price ranges and more.”

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Pros, cons: Continuing care retirement community

October 18, 2014 — “But what questions should you ask, and, equally important, what are the right answers to those questions? Here’s what Sullivan and Brad Breeding, a certified financial planner, president of LifeSite Logics in Raleigh, N.C., and author of What’s the Deal with Retirement Communities? had to say…”

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Retire in Style at a Continuing Care Retirement Community

September 2014“Continuing care retirement communities offer a resort-like setting and care when you need it.”

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New Senior Living Shopper Demands Price Transparency

June 8, 2014“Brad Breeding, founder of LifeSite Logics, says his company’s nationwide CCRC database is a product of consumers’ demand for price transparency. When Breeding founded the company in 2011, he noticed there was a lack of resources for prospects wanting to compare CCRC costs, he says.”

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Choosing a Retirement Community: Be a Snoop

April 22, 2014“For many seniors and retirees, the move to a retirement community can be a wonderful and rewarding experience for their later years. But my friend, Brad Breeding, president of LifeSite Logics, which is a company that helps people find the right retirement community, says that planning for the future should include an understanding of the retirement-living possibilities available to retirees.”

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March 21, 2014“Ms. Pearson also recommends an online tool called LifeSite Logics, started by a financial planner and an accountant who operate independently of C.C.R.C. developers and providers. LifeSite delivers financial data for hundreds of C.C.R.C.s — occupancy rates, operating margins, recent fee increases.”

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Intriguing Concept: On-Line Objective Data for Comparisons in Senior Living Options

October 31, 2013“Turns out a Financial Planner and CPA have decided to make a business out of offering advice to consumers on CCRCs. Recently I had the chance to talk to Brad Breeding (the financial planner) and Ken Taylor (the accountant).”

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New Website Launches CCRC Database

July 16, 2013“The reason we chose to focus on CCRCs is that there tends to be the most confusion on CCRCs because of the contracts, levels of care and other options,” says Brad Breeding, LifeSite Logics president and Certified Financial Planner. “It can be overwhelming. This community type has the biggest need for information, yet there is no central source for comprehensive and unbiased information.”

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How to Choose a Retirement Community

June 6, 2013“Brad Breeding, who is an expert on the topic of CCRCs and CEO of LifeSite Logics, which is a company that helps people and advisors to choose the right CCRC, feels that choosing the most appropriate CCRC requires considering these four key areas…”

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On Sale: Retirement Havens

August 31, 2010 — “Finding a community that appeals to you is key to the process, says Brad Breeding, of Carolina Continuing Care Consultants, in Garner, N.C. “It’s about where you want to be — the location, the type of place, the feel you get.”