What’s the Difference Between a Nonprofit and Not-For-Profit?

When presenting at retirement communities and other venues across the country, we get asked a lot of great questions by our attendees. Recently, someone asked a question that others might have wondered about too: What is the difference between a nonprofit and a not-for-profit organization? It’s a great question because while it may sound like [...]

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What Are Your Retirement Community Decision Priorities?

You’ve considered your senior living options, such as remaining in your current home or downsizing, and determined that a retirement community move is the best choice for you. But how do you decide which retirement community is the best fit for your goals? Obviously cost must be taken into consideration, but what are your other [...]

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Comfort, Convenience, Connection: The Key Benefits of a Retirement Community

Making a senior living decision involves many considerations. To some people, remaining in their current home is paramount. For others, factors like downsizing, moving closer to loved ones, or reducing housing expenses is most important. For older adults who feel that moving to a retirement community is their ideal for senior living, the benefits can [...]

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Benefits of the Retired Clergy Housing Allowance in a CCRC

I recently wrote about potential tax deductions for residents of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC, or life plan community). In short, depending on your individual tax situation, a deduction may be available to you on a portion of your CCRC entry fee, as well as a portion of your ongoing monthly fees since they [...]

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