Opening Your Mind to the Idea of Moving to a Retirement Community

If you’ve ever tried to start a fitness program or diet, or tried to stop smoking, you know that change can be hard. One might assume that making changes gets more difficult as we grow older. After all, you’ve likely heard someone referred to as “old and set in their ways.” But research shows that [...]

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Outside-the-Box Solutions for Middle-Market Senior Living

We’ve written several blog posts recently that have garnered attention, including one on the growing market for luxury retirement communities, and a post on the ever-increasing number of affinity retirement communities. But as we’ve noted, it is important that the senior living industry also continue designing solutions that work for the so-called “Forgotten Middle” — [...]

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Affinity Retirement Communities Give Retirees Access to What They Love

What’s your passion? Whether you are an art-lover, a yogi, an equestrian, a music fanatic, or just about any type of enthusiast, there is an increasing chance that there is a retirement community geared toward you and your compatriots. Sometimes referred to as niche or affinity retirement communities, a growing number of senior living projects [...]

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Luxury Senior Living Communities Meet a Growing Market of Affluent Retirees

What if you could live in a retirement community that offered services, amenities, and an atmosphere that rivals the world’s top hotels? This type of luxury senior living is exactly what some high-income older adults are looking for.  There is rightly a lot of focus on increasing the affordability of senior living — now and [...]

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How a Couple’s CCRC Fees Adjust If One Person Requires Care

One of the more common questions we hear from consumers about life plan communities (aka continuing care retirement communities or “CCRCs”) is how monthly CCRC fees adjust if one person is still living independently – sometimes called “residential living” – while the other requires care.  The answer to this question differs depending on the residency [...]

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Senior Living Decisions Are Empowered By Education, Advocacy

It’s a common scenario: You or a loved one has a serious health issue or illness. An assortment of medical specialists throws a barrage of information at you all at once, discussing needed tests and various treatment options. Not only is it confusing, but it can also be intimidating. Your head spins as you try [...]

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Don’t Become a Victim to the Rising Incidence of Elder Fraud

A recently released FBI report (PDF) reveals some startling statistics on elder fraud in the U.S. Financial crimes targeting those age 60 and over reached at least $3.4 billion in reported losses in 2023, up 11% from $3.1 billion in 2022. The number of reported victims was also up 14% in 2023 with 101,068 complaints [...]

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The Sandwich Generation: Stuck Between Aging Parents, Young Children

We’ve all heard a lot of news stories lately related to the various generations of Americans — the Baby Boomers, the Millennials, the latest Alpha Generation, and so forth. However, many members of Gen X — those Americans born between 1965 and 1980 — have been dubbed with a second moniker — the “Sandwich Generation” [...]

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What Are Your Retirement Community Decision Priorities?

You’ve considered your senior living options, such as remaining in your current home or downsizing, and determined that a retirement community move is the best choice for you. But how do you decide which retirement community is the best fit for your goals? Obviously cost must be taken into consideration, but what are your other [...]

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A Break for Family Caregivers: Adult Day Care and Other Respite Care Options

We have often written about the mixed bag that is family caregiving. Some people find it rewarding, while others find it mentally, physically, and emotionally draining — or some combination of all of these feelings. Though sometimes logistically challenging, it’s important for family caregivers to take care of themselves too, which may involve finding ways [...]

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