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Grow website inquiries from financially qualified prospects.

One of the top reasons why prospective residents do not contact a retirement community or advance through the decision process is the concern over cost and affordability. MoneyGauge bridges this gap, connecting you with more consumers who are a good financial fit for your community, and saving valuable time for you and the prospective resident.

Older Woman Working At Laptop educated senior living consumer

This is Sarah.

She is interested in your community and has visited your website a couple of times, yet she isn’t quite ready to reach out for more information. One of her biggest concerns is affordability. She has heard it’s too expensive and she doesn’t want to waste your time or her own if she isn’t a good financial fit. Until she has more financial confidence about this important decision, she doesn’t feel she can give proper focus to the other benefits of your community. While browsing your website again, Sarah is excited to discover the MoneyGauge. In less than three minutes, she generates a personalized and comprehensive affordability assessment — it’s exactly what she needed!

Much to Sarah’s delight and surprise, after seeing the results from the MoneyGauge financial assessment tool, it looks as though there is a really good chance she could afford a home within your community after all. Empowered with this information and new financial confidence, she is ready to take the next step and learn more about all the great things your community offers.

Reliable an Accurate Results

Developed by a Certified Financial PlannerTM and a CPA, MoneyGauge affordability assessments are driven by a robust financial engine that factors in life expectancy, potential cost adjustments for various levels of care, inflation, hypothetical growth rates, and more. This helps ensure accurate results that are consistent with your community’s financial qualification requirements.

Customized for Your Community

We know different retirement communities have different financial requirements and objectives. Nearly every aspect of MoneyGauge, from the front-end to the back-end, can be customized to fit your needs.

Analysis and Reporting

As a MoneyGauge customer you’ll have an assigned account administrator who can login to the admin portal anytime to view and generate reports on usage, submissions, financial analytics, and much more.

Cash Flow Projections

If you want to better understand how the results from MoneyGauge are determined your account admin can access to a year-by-year cash flow projection for all MoneyGauge assessments submitted.

We are thrilled with MoneyGauge! Prospective residents always want to know if they can afford our community, and this is a wonderful starting point to help them (and us).

Jennifer C., Marketing Director, Dallax, TX

MoneyGauge has become an essential part of our sales success. It gives the prospect confidence about the most affordable options, while also giving us more credibility in financial discussions. It’s also an easy next step following an introductory conversation or meeting.

Lynn T., Marketing Director, Kansas City, MO

MoneyGuage provides us with financially qualified prospects, and gives us a glimpse of what tier of independent living or assisted living would best fit the prospective resident’s long-term budget goals.

Cathy M., Sales Director, West Bend, WI

Integration Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The user’s contact information, answers, and results will be provided under the client record in your CRM system. We currently integrate with most of the popular CRM providers used in the senior living industry. In addition, all designated members of your organization will get an email each time a prospect completes a contact form in MoneyGauge, and your account admin can login to the admin portal anytime to see details.

It’s better for both parties to know this sooner rather than later. This saves valuable time and even potential embarrassment for the prospective resident. Yet, with MoneyGauge you will have several options for how to present the results for those who do not appear to be a good financial fit for your community, and you’ll still have the opportunity to follow up for additional details.

Yes, you may use whatever color scheme you would like for your gauges.

If your community performs financial qualifications for prospetive residents, MoneyGauge offers different options and calculation methods to help make sure it is set up to align with your organizations financial parameters. Pricing, hypothetical assumptions, and life expectancy tables can be customized to match your community specifications, which ensures high consistency with your own internal financial qualifications.

myLifeSite does heavy lifting on setting up MoneyGauge. All we will require from you is the completion of a couple of online forms. One of the forms ask for the pricing and hypothetical assumptions that you would like to use in the MoneyGauge calculations, and the other ask for information on your website and CRM contacts. All we require from your website team/agency is that they place a call-to-action (CTA) on a couple of pages on the website. Even in the absence of this, myLifeSite can provide a CTA to place on your site. We make it easy!

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