Welcome to our public speaking page, dedicated to empowering your audience with the knowledge and expertise needed to make well-informed decisions when evaluating senior living options. Brad Breeding and Tripp Higgins are nationally recognized speakers who are equipped with a deep understanding of the intricacies within the senior living and care industry. By sharing their wealth of insights and expertise, they equip audiences with information to navigate the complex landscape of senior living with more confidence and clarity.

Whether you’re a family member seeking the best care for a loved one or an individual planning for your own future, our speakers are committed to providing invaluable guidance. Their diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to understanding the nuances involved in choosing the right senior living option. From insightful tips on evaluating retirement communities to understanding the various financial considerations, your audience will walk away properly prepared to take the next appropriate step in the planning process.

“I attended your presentation last week and I was super impressed.  I learned more in an hour listening to you than I had with many days of reading about and researching retirement communities.” Richard S. in New York

Brad Breeding – myLifeSite cofounder and senior living options and aging care expert and speaker

Brad Breeding, Cofounder- myLifeSite

Brad embarked on his career journey as a personal financial advisor, dedicating twelve years to honing his skills and achieving the esteemed certified financial planner™ designation. During this period, he recognized a critical need among older adults and their families for unbiased guidance in navigating complex and financially significant senior living decisions. This revelation led to the creation of myLifeSite.net, an innovative online platform providing families with web-based tools and thoughtfully curated content designed to facilitate well-informed choices—especially concerning CCRC/life plan retirement communities and other senior living options.

Brad’s expertise has been sought out by reputable outlets such as Money Magazine, Kiplinger’s, Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, USA Today, and The New York Times. His insightful book “What’s the Deal with Retirement Communities?” is available on Amazon and offers an exploration of senior living and important planning considerations. He also contributes regularly to myLifeSite’s blog, adding depth to discussions surrounding aging, wellness, and senior living.

Beyond his writing and media contributions, Brad actively engages with diverse audiences. His speaking engagements span retirement communities, conferences, and other forums, allowing him to share his wisdom firsthand. He extends his influence into education as an instructor for the OLLI life-long learning programs at esteemed institutions like Duke University and NC State University, underscoring Brad’s commitment to enhancing understanding and empowering informed decisions about senior living. See a video compilation of Brad speaking.

Tripp Higgins – “myLifeSite president and senior living industry expert and speaker

Tripp Higgins, President- myLifeSite

Tripp Higgins is a seasoned expert in guiding senior adults and retirees through the intricate process of senior living decision-making. With a wealth of experience spanning various industries, Tripp brings a comprehensive and empathetic approach to addressing the multifaceted considerations surrounding healthcare, finance, housing, and lifestyle choices.

In his role as President of myLifeSite, Tripp is at the forefront of developing online financial tools and content resources that empower prospective senior living community residents to make well-informed and confident decisions. Leveraging his deep understanding of the intricacies involved, he helps ensure that individuals and families are equipped with the knowledge they need to embark on this important life transition.

With seven years of previous experience as a Marketing Director at a retirement community, he possesses firsthand insight into the desires, preferences, and challenges that individuals encounter when selecting, transitioning to, and living within a retirement community. This background allows him to provide practical guidance that addresses the unique needs of senior adults and retirees.

Tripp’s speaking engagements provide audiences with practical advice, expert insights, and a compassionate perspective that empowers them to make choices aligned with their individual needs and aspirations.

“Brad did an excellent job of helping us recognize the issues and he provided practical approaches on how to address and solve them.  Our members walked away from this enlightened and very impressed.  Brad is indeed the go-to guy for senior living guidance!”

Stephen Paul, President and Chairman- Shell Alumni Association of Greater Houston

myLifeSite cofounder Brad Breeding speaking to an audience on senior living options