“I attended your presentation last week and I was super impressed.  I learned more in an hour listening to you than I had with many days of reading about and researching retirement communities.” Richard S. in New York

Brad Breeding

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Brad Breeding, CFP®, President and co-founder of myLifeSite, is a senior living expert and nationally recognized speaker who provides valuable insights on the on intersections between senior living, retirement planning, and closely related topics. Before launching MyLifeSite, Brad spent nearly 14 years as a personal financial advisor, focusing on sound planning for retirees. He has authored a book on issues related to senior living, “What’s the Deal with Retirement Communities?”, available on Amazon.com.

An engaging presenter, Brad frequently speaks at conferences, seminars, and retirement communities across the country, sharing his valuable insights on topics ranging from senior living lifestyles and healthcare to retirement financial planning considerations.

As the go-to expert in his field, Brad is interviewed often by national media outlets including Kiplinger’s, Money, USA Today, and The New York Times. Additionally, his popular weekly blog posts cover a wide range of topics that are pertinent to both seniors and professionals within the retirement industry.

“Brad did an excellent job of helping us recognize the issues and he provided practical approaches on how to address and solve them.  Our members walked away from this enlightened and very impressed.  Brad is indeed the go-to guy for senior living guidance!”

Stephen Paul, President and Chairman- Shell Alumni Association of Greater Houston