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Brad Breeding is president and co-founder of myLifeSite, a North Carolina company that develops web-based resources designed to help families make better-informed decisions when considering a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) or lifecare community.

Combatting Ageism in the Healthcare System

I recently read a disheartening article about the prevalence of ageism in the healthcare system in this country. Age discrimination and bias is a longstanding issue — one that has had a light shined upon it during the pandemic. Poor treatment of seniors in nursing homes and crisis care standards that withheld healthcare resources from [...]

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Here’s Why Smart Home Technology Adoption is Rising Among Seniors

According to AARP's report "2021 Tech Trends and the 50+,” the pandemic may have been the impetus for more seniors to take the plunge into the world of smart technology. From smartphones and tablets to wearables (like Apple Watch or FitBit), more and more Americans age 50 and older are buying tech devices. But the [...]

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CCRC Bond Ratings Explained

We occasionally get questions about how continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs or “life plan communities”) obtain their bond ratings and what these ratings mean. At a time when the financial viability of CCRCs is an increasingly important component of the consumer's decision process, it may be helpful to cover some details regarding CCRC bond ratings. [...]

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Homesharing Can Be a Win-Win Senior Living Solution

You may have heard the term “the sharing economy” of late. It’s an increasingly popular model where everyday people share their resources, be it a car (think Uber and Lyft ridesharing), office space (such as coworking hubs), or crowdfunding (like Kickstarter fundraisers). But an example of the sharing economy that is really taking off among [...]

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Single Seniors May Pay the Price When it Comes to Retirement Savings

We all know people who are happily married, as well as ones who are miserably so. The same goes for singles — there are those who are single by choice and those who would do anything to have a partner. No matter which group you fall into, it’s important to understand the implications for your [...]

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Encouraging and Supporting the Creation of Age-Friendly Cities

I am fortunate to once again be traveling, visiting continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs, also called life plan communities) across the country. In my travels, I have the opportunity to check out all sorts of cities and towns, and I enjoy getting a feel for new places — meeting the locals, seeing the sites, trying [...]

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CCRCs Help Avoid the “Senior Living Shuffle”

I read an article this past week that got me thinking about an issue that commonly arises as people grow older: let’s call it the “senior living shuffle.” This particular article recounts the story of a woman named Connie. Connie and her husband, Dean, had been living in their own home and even took in [...]

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Remaining in the Home: A Look at Home Health Care Services

The demand for home health care services is rapidly growing in the U.S. This has been driven by an array of factors in recent years. First, the baby boomers are reaching the age where they are more likely to need assistance. Second, the pandemic has made some people uneasy about the prospect of living in [...]

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Planning Financially for a Move to a CCRC

Every so often I get asked about financial guidance on moving to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC or “life plan community”). Although I no longer provide one-on-one financial planning advice as in my previous career, I thought it might be helpful to write a post with some key considerations when planning financially for a [...]

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CCRCs Should Consider Opening Their Doors to Their Neighbors

I recently read a heartwarming article about Three Crowns Park, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC, also called a life plan community) in Evanston, Illinois. It shares how Three Crowns has forged a years-long relationship with the children’s summer sports camp located across the street from the community. Each day, when camp ends, the children are escorted [...]

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