In recent posts I have noted the conclusion from multiple studies: a majority of people would prefer to age at home in retirement. However, each retiree is an individual, with unique circumstances and needs, and some argue that ‘aging in place’ may not be the best choice for everyone.

There are positives to aging in place: the emotional connection to the home and the memories made there with your family, as well as a sense of continued independence. However, as time goes by, neighbors and friends move on and the location and structure of your home may become less suited to your daily needs.

In his book, Aging in the Right Place, author Stephen M. Golant, PhD. asserts that a new industry, primarily comprised of home health care providers, builders promoting home renovations for seniors, and financial institutions offering reverse mortgages, has emerged around the concept of keeping people in their homes as they age. According to Golant, those who encourage aging in place “are doing a great disservice to millions of older Americans” because remaining in their home may not be the best choice for everyone.

Instead, Golant and other industry experts agree that the market must shift to accommodate the diverse range of financial means and changing personal needs among seniors. By offering more choices that are accessible to all income levels, each individual can find the best housing option to meet their unique situation.

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