I am pleased to announce that MyLifeSite has started a new audio podcast to complement the growing following for this blog. Entitled “Aging is a Trip,” our new podcast will take a candid, but lighthearted look at numerous aspects of aging and retirement.

It is my hope that with each podcast episode, you’ll learn some things, you’ll be intrigued, and at times you’ll be amused. Ultimately, I want to help elevate society’s perspectives and understanding of age-related matters — past, present, and future — but in a fun and informal manner.

Our first “Aging is a Trip” episode

My guest for our first podcast episode is Dr. Keren Wilson, the originator of the concept of “assisted living” as we know it today. Dr. Wilson started the first assisted living community in the U.S. in the early 1980s and today is doing incredible work in the aging services space. In part one of this two-part interview, you’ll hear Dr. Wilson discuss:

  • How she is playing a key role in delivering aging services to those who fall in the gap between qualifying for subsidized housing and Medicaid, but who can’t afford other senior housing options.
  • The state of the gerontology industry today and how the combination of gerontology and technology could free up humans to do the most important work in aging services.
  • The history of aging and senior living in our country, including the fostering of older adults and so-called “poor farms.” My, how far we’ve come!

How to follow the “Aging is a Trip” podcast

If you are not familiar with podcasts, they are short audio shows that you can listen to anytime and practically anyplace, as long as you have a smartphone or computer. You can “subscribe” to podcasts so that you’ll be notified each time a new episode is released.

Although we hope to have our podcast available on Apple Podcasts soon (which is the most popular podcasting option), at this time, you can subscribe and listen to our podcasts the following ways:

We’ll be adding five or six episodes over the next couple of weeks, and I promise you will not want to miss any of them!

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