Question: What term are advertisers, marketers, reporters, and others who serve people in their retirement years supposed to use when referring to their target market? Is a label really necessary? Maybe so because otherwise we always have to use terms like “people in their retirement years” and that doesn’t always flow quite as well as a one word description. I have even heard some people say they don’t like the term retirement eigther because retirement “is so yesterday.” But who really wants to be labeled after all?

Of course, every generation has a name: Greatest Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Milennials, etc. But it seems that we are all searching for one broad term to describe any who is…..hmmm….who is what? Over 65? That seems to be the most popular line of demarcation for some reason. The term “seniors” is probably most widely used but is not well received by those who fall in this category.

Here is a great article on this topic that was posted on NPR yesterday called, ‘Silver Tsunami’ And Other Terms That Can Irk The Over-65 Set

I’m interested to see the results of the poll provided in this article but the problem is that it doesn’t provide for suggestions; only boxes to check. I wonder what types of terms seniors (there I go using that label but it was much easier!) would prefer.

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