Coming Soon: Enhanced Site, New Senior Living Educational Videos

As I’ve shared, we will soon be launching myLifeSite 2.0, a complete overhaul of myLifeSite's continuing care retirement community (CCRC) database and report engine. With the new website, access to our CCRC profiles will no longer require a login or payment. Additionally, you will be able to filter results based on your unique lifestyle preferences [...]

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The Great Debate: Rental or Entry Fee Retirement Community?

With the rise of rental retirement communities in recent years, sometimes referred to as independent living communities or “independent plus,” I hear more comments from people who say they are looking for communities without a “buy-in.” When comparing rental retirement communities to entry fee life plan communities (aka, continuing care retirement communities or “CCRCs”), there [...]

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How Rental and Equity CCRCs Work

Over the last few years, I’ve written a number of posts describing the various types of residency contracts offered by continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs or “life plan communities”), the less understood nuances among each, as well as how to properly compare and contrast the choices. But it was recently pointed out to me that [...]

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Residents’ & Prospects’ Vision for the Future of CCRCs

Recently, I’ve shared some thoughts on what I believe the continuing care retirement community (CCRC, or life plan community) of the future may look like. While I lack the benefit of a crystal ball, I have offered my insights about community design trends, technology advancements, and the industry’s move toward increased environmental sustainability. Of course, these things only [...]

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What If I Change My Mind About Moving to a CCRC?

Most everyone has made a purchase of some type that they later regretted. Maybe it was an impractical pair of shoes, a puppy that destroyed your living room sofa, or even a vehicle that didn’t live up to your expectations. Such buyer’s remorse can leave you kicking yourself for your impulsiveness or for making an [...]

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Choosing a CCRC That Will Keep Its Promises (and What to Do If It Doesn’t!)

As I often discuss in my blog posts, among the advantages of picking a continuing care retirement community (CCRC, also known as a life plan community) over other types of senior living communities is the contractually guaranteed provision of housing and services along the continuum of care, typically ranging from independent living to assisted living [...]

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