Life Plan Community Occupancy Experiencing Steady Growth

Life plan communities (LPCs, also referred to as continuing care retirement communities or CCRCs) offer residents a unique value proposition. In addition to independent living residences, they generally provide a full continuum of care services to residents if and when they need them. While life plan community occupancy rates fared better than most other types [...]

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Six Things a Life Plan Community Should NOT Do

Life plan retirement communities, also referred to as continuing care retirement communities or CCRCs, are a great option for many older adults who are seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle, social engagement, and a focus on other dimensions of wellness, and who find peace of mind knowing that the type of care services they may need in [...]

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What’s the True Cost of Staying in the Home?

Again and again, research finds that most senior adults say they want to remain in their home, at least as long as possible. While there are many reasons for this, cost is a consideration. Many people believe that it will cost less for them to remain in their existing home than to move to a [...]

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Comparing Rental Retirement Communities and Life Plan Communities

When comparing rental retirement communities and life plan communities, aka, CCRC or “continuing care retirement community," there are some important details to consider. Sometimes the options look quite similar at a glance, and some of the distinguishing characteristics may not always be immediately obvious. In this post I want to provide some clarity about the [...]

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Crunch the Numbers: Aging at Home vs. Moving to a CCRC

While aging at home continue to be the preference for the majority of older adults, residents of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs or life plan communitis) cite access to a full continuum of care services as a main motivator for making a move. In fact, according to number consumer surveys done by myLifeSite, access to [...]

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A Primer on CCRC Residency Contracts

Here at myLifeSite, we are able to gather lots of great insights and comments from the thousands of people who follow our blog posts and who are actively engaged in the process of researching continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs or “life plan communities”). This helps us develop content that we hope speaks directly to the [...]

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A Great Relief, by guest author and CCRC resident, Jim Patrick

The following story is part of a joint project between myLifeSite and Senior Correspondent where we ask people to report on their senior living decision process.  By Jim Patrick After retiring, my wife and I moved from our home in Seattle to Tucson, where we lived in an active senior retirement community and lived for [...]

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Calculating the Affordability of a CCRC (life plan community)

My experience in talking with prospective residents is that, from a financial perspective, the question is not so much about “can I afford it” as much as it is “to what extent can I afford it?” Many who are considering moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community want a better understanding of what the financial impact to their estate could be based on a range of possible scenarios.

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