Many Senior Living Residents Fared Better than Non-Residents During COVID

Do you remember what you were doing the last week of April in 2020? Odds are, you weren’t doing much of anything as the COVID-19 lockdown was in full force in numerous areas of our nation. It was a lonely time for many people as the social isolation intended to keep us safe wore on [...]

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How CCRCs Are Preparing for a “Tripledemic” Threat

It’s the headline no one wants to read: Hospitals are once again exceeding their capacity in many parts of the country as beds fill up with sick patients. Just when we thought we might be out of the woods with COVID-19, new strains are emerging, landing some of our most vulnerable, including young children and [...]

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What to Ask About a CCRC’s Emergency Preparedness

I have to confess: I was a little surprised by the responses I received from  last week’s blog post on CCRCs’ elevators. In it, I discuss how less expensive (and thus slower) elevators may be selected by a commercial developer as a cost-savings measure, but it is a building’s residents who pay the price for [...]

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Transportation Innovations Offer Seniors Safer Travel Options

In the past 100 years, the automobile and the independence it affords have literally changed the world. That’s why for many seniors, losing the ability to safely drive is so devastating. It can lead to depression and isolation, both of which are proven to be detrimental to seniors’ health. However, thanks to several innovative transportation [...]

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When Memory Issues Are Cause for Concern

A concern that is commonly voiced by adult children is that their aging parent is beginning to get forgetful. Maybe they are losing their keys more frequently. Perhaps they uncharacteristically failed to pay some bills on time. Such changes can seem especially pronounced for those who only see their parents occasionally (such as around the [...]

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