Brad Breeding remains a partner, but is returning to full-time financial planning.

RALEIGH, NC Dec. 08, 2021myLifeSite, a company that provides online tools and information resources designed to help people make better-informed decisions when evaluating retirement communities, is bringing on a new president while founder and partner Brad Breeding returns to financial advising after a decade perfecting the site.

Breeding, who started myLifeSite in 2011 when he was a financial advisor, will be joining one of the top wealth management firms in North Carolina, where he will use his experience to consult with other entrepreneurs, families, and organizations on their financial needs and goals. He will remain a partner in myLifeSite and continue playing an important role in guiding the company’s strategy.

Tripp Higgins, who has served as Vice President of Sales at myLifeSite since August, is being promoted to president. Tripp’s prior experience includes nearly 10 years in the role of sales and marketing director at a life-plan community in Western New York, as well as consulting with several start-up companies in upstate New York to successfully develop and execute their go-to-market strategies.

“I’m thrilled to be stepping into my new role at myLifeSite,” said Higgins, 50. “I know first-hand from my time working in senior living sales that the tools offered by myLifeSite are invaluable for the industry and consumers. I am honored to continue growing and sharing what Brad and his team have built so successfully.”

In addition to Higgins’ elevated role, Breeding announced that Liz Book, who has been with myLifeSite since the founding of the company, has been promoted to Director of Product Support. She will work closely with Higgins to create and implement effective customer-support processes. She’ll also oversee on-going, product-development work.

“After 10 years of building the site and establishing its functions and credibility, I decided to return to my professional roots to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Breeding. “It would not be possible if we didn’t have such an incredible team who will no doubt continue growing myLifeSite and successfully servicing our customers. I will remain involved and accountable, as the success of myLifeSite and our customers will always be important to me.”

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myLifeSite provides online product solutions designed to help older adults make better-informed decisions when evaluating life plan retirement communities and other senior living options. Used by consumers as well as the industry, myLifeSite offers products like MoneyGaugeTM, an unbiased affordability assessment tool, which is placed on websites of retirement communities across the country to help prospective residents understand whether the community is potentially a good financial fit. Other products include a comprehensive resource library with hundreds of consumer educational content articles, as well as detailed community profile reports and comparisons available for search on mylifesite.