Senior living sales and marketing has gotten incredibly complex, bringing new challenges to the task of meeting demand generation goals. From complicated pricing and contract models to seniors who want a different kind of senior living experience, friction too often is stalling the sales process. 

It’s going to take a different approach to reach and exceed sales goals, and it’s also going to take the right senior living sales tools. Using senior living sales software, you can face every challenge the industry throws at you with a reasonable approach.  

Four tips for streamlining your senior living marketing and sales process

Senior living sales software can be a business game-changer, helping sales and marketing professionals get the demand generation results they’ve been working for. That’s why we’re looking at four ways you can streamline your approach to senior living marketing and sales and the role digital tools can play in each one.

1. Reposition senior living to dispel myths and old stereotypes. 

My, my, things have changed in the senior living world. It’s not your grandma’s “nursing home” anymore. In fact, in many cases, it’s not a nursing home at all.

Senior living communities, like continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) and rental retirement communities, offer a variety of lifestyles and different levels of care, yet old stereotypes linger. This is especially true if a community is 20 years old or more. That’s why refreshing and repositioning your community to better reflect the vitality seniors today demand is crucial.

Today’s seniors have more diverse needs and demands than their parents’ generation did, which presents a sales and marketing challenge. Gain more visibility and understand what people in your senior living sales pipeline really want by providing them with online community profiles (like you’ll find on myLifeSite). These profiles give prospects detailed community information that they can view using a searchable database, filters, and side-by-side comparisons to find what they need. Plus, online profiles use data that will help drive prospects’ decisions. 

(When choosing a forum for creating and displaying these online profiles, not just any old website database will do. You have to make sure it’s the right partner—more on that in a moment.)

2. Give sales prospects financial clarity.

If you ask the average person how much senior living costs, they might not give you a number, but they’ll probably say it costs a lot. This is especially true for Gen X, who are worried about affording their parents’ senior living costs. When it comes to sales and marketing, not knowing about your prospects’ financial needs or limitations can lead to a waste of effort and budget. 

If you use senior living sales software that provides greater financial clarity with a cost and affordability calculator, your prospects can self-qualify. This helps sales and marketing teams approach prospects based on the potential resident’s budget

It’s all about selling the value of your community and clarifying how much things will cost. To build a list of your best qualified prospects, your sales and marketing team needs to understand what is financially realistic for each prospect. Meet them where they are, or move them out of your pipeline if they’re no longer viable prospects.

3. Drive home the value of senior living.

For senior living sales and marketing teams, getting prospects’ buy-in on pricing requires getting buy-in on the value that senior living provides—and it’s not just about amenities. Amenities are great, and people love them, but it’s about much more than delicious food and exercise classes. 

After the last few years of pandemic, we’ve all learned how crucial socialization is for maintaining mental and physical health. For seniors, socialization is especially important, and the risks of senior isolation can be daunting. Today’s senior living prospects are doing their research. Prospects want what’s best for them (or their aging parents) and are worried they will literally get sick from loneliness.

Meet these prospects where they are. Drive home the benefits that socialization in a senior living community brings. Provide your prospects with educational materials from a resource library as a value-add to guide them through the buyer’s journey. Present unbiased information in an easy-to-understand way, and help them make their senior living decision faster.

4. Use technology to reach your senior living sales leads.

A well-designed website is a must. Period.

If you’re marketing in the digital age, you must excel at digital marketing to be a contender. A top-tier digital experience will build trust in your brand, which builds stronger relationships with your prospects. Credibility is everything.

However, a gorgeous website won’t do much unless it’s optimized. Increase website engagement with the right tools, and get your communities seen with online community profiles to boost your senior living marketing efforts.

The right digital tools will help you:

  • Gain visibility from prospects
  • Match consumer preferences to your community
  • Connect with educated prospects
  • Easily update community information

If you choose the right tools, your CCRC/life plan community profiles gain visibility to match with the right consumers and connect with educated prospects. Our MoneyGauge™ solution helps engage your prospects and prequalify them financially.

Get the tools to gain your most qualified senior living sales leads

In today’s market, you need the right digital tools to get sales and marketing results for your senior living communities. Our MoneyGauge™️ tool gives your website visitors a preliminary assessment of lifetime affordability.

This assessment saves everyone valuable time on the front end, helping you connect with those who are a good financial fit for your senior living communities. It’s a more informed, seamless sales and marketing process.

Learn more about what MoneyGauge™ can do for your business, and request a demo now.

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