Luxury Senior Living Communities Meet a Growing Market of Affluent Retirees

What if you could live in a retirement community that offered services, amenities, and an atmosphere that rivals the world’s top hotels? This type of luxury senior living is exactly what some high-income older adults are looking for.  There is rightly a lot of focus on increasing the affordability of senior living — now and [...]

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The Best of Both Worlds: A Smaller CCRC Unit Can Be a Big Win

In our “super-sized” world, we have been conditioned to want the biggest piece of pie, the biggest vehicle, and of course the biggest home. We’ve been taught that such grandiosity is a sign of prosperity and success. But is bigger always better when it comes to senior living residences? Could a smaller independent living unit [...]

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CCRC Services and Amenities Include Many Attractive Perks

There are a variety of different reasons that people choose to move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC, also called a life plan community). For many people, one of the biggest draws of a CCRC is the on-site access to a full continuum of care services, should a resident need them. But another highly [...]

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CCRCs Offer Comfortable Options for the Introvert and Extrovert

Did you ever take a Myers-Briggs personality test? If so, you found out where you are on the spectrum between the introvert or extrovert personality type. The principles used to create this introvert/extrovert preference within the test are based on the work of renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung. In some ways, it is a useful piece [...]

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Residents’ & Prospects’ Vision for the Future of CCRCs

Recently, I’ve shared some thoughts on what I believe the continuing care retirement community (CCRC, or life plan community) of the future may look like. While I lack the benefit of a crystal ball, I have offered my insights about community design trends, technology advancements, and the industry’s move toward increased environmental sustainability. Of course, these things only [...]

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The Cost of a CCRC vs. the Value to Residents

A few weeks ago, I shared a blog post, which discussed some of the reasons why it is wise to make a move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC or life plan community) sooner rather than later. Among the advantages of moving to a CCRC sooner, it can be easier to get acclimated and [...]

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What an Elevator Says About a CCRC

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that’s the stuff life is made of.” —Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1746 We’ve all been there: You push the up or down button on the elevator, and then you wait. And wait. And wait. You heard the pulleys and gears grinding, and then finally: [...]

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Transportation Innovations Offer Seniors Safer Travel Options

In the past 100 years, the automobile and the independence it affords have literally changed the world. That’s why for many seniors, losing the ability to safely drive is so devastating. It can lead to depression and isolation, both of which are proven to be detrimental to seniors’ health. However, thanks to several innovative transportation [...]

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Not Your Granny’s Retirement: CCRCs and Younger Retirees

I recently visited a beautiful continuing care retirement community (CCRC, or life plan community) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was struck by how very attractive and welcoming it was. After staying overnight in a comfortable guest suite, I woke up to take a sunrise jog. There was a walking/jogging trail that winded around the community, over [...]

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The Great CCRC Conundrum: One Reality of First Impressions

Imagine for a moment a place where people live during retirement that provides maintenance-free living and a comprehensive wellness program—complete with a personal trainer, fitness center, yoga and meditation classes, saltwater lap pools, and more. Imagine that it also offers a bistro and coffee shop, a gourmet chef who uses locally sourced foods, nature [...]

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