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myLifeSite provides community-specific reports, educational content, and financial affordability tools- used by both consumers and industry providers- to help senior adults and their families make informed and confident senior living decisions.

Our research of CCRCs always left us with more questions than answers until we discovered myLifeSite.

John & Barb, Stewartstown, PA

myLifeSite was a lifesaver for us since we used it extensively in our research. It made our search much more efficient and helped us focus on the area of the country that we desired. The financial planning section was awesome! Thank you.

Scott and Patty, Burlington, NC

Mylifesite has provided us with all the necessary tools to choose, assess and ask the right questions of the CCRC we’ve visited.

Stephen, Blufton, SC

The resources available at myLifeSite have been very helpful. Whether we end up staying in our home, moving to a CCRC or other retirement facility, this website has clear information to help us make an informed decision. I know of no other website that has this quality of information.

Rochelle, Seattle, Washington

I have found myLifeSite and its blog posts about various aspects of living in a retirement community to be invaluable.

Keith, Scarsdale, NY

The story of myLifeSite

Brad Breeding was a financial advisor in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2011 when he realized that many retirees researching senior living felt confused and overwhelmed by the various options and the nuances between them. He also recognized that there was a lack of unbiased and in-depth information to help consumers and their advisors effectively navigate the decision process. It was this realization that inspired the concept that would later become myLifeSite. Today, myLifeSite is a nationally recognized online resource for reliable and thorough information that helps break through the clutter and confusion often accompanying the senior living decision process.

Is a retirement community a good financial fit for you? Take this 2-min assessment to find out.

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